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Looking Forward

Although many war crimes were committed and in a number of cases the perpetrators tried and punished for their crimes, there were many acts of kindness by individual Japanese, sometimes at great personal risk. The following stories are examples, some of which happened long after the war and offer hope for the future. In Japan today there is a far greater interest in learning about events that occurred during World War II, as information becomes more widely available.

It is no part of this website to minimise the terrible events of 1941-45 but to recognise that although they should not be forgotten, the only way forward is by learning from the past, actively seeking ways of reconciliation and looking to the future. Those who have followed this route have found that it is not possible to classify an entire people as evil, nor to allow that belief to pass down between generations. Indeed some ex POWs have, through a process of reconciliation, been able to better come to terms with the terrible events that occurred.

We recognise that for many FEPOWs, and their families, there can be no possibility of reconciliation with the Japanese people. However, for us in this community, as Christians, and citizens of the world, we look to reconciliation and to show where and how it has taken place and whenever possible, to help it happen.