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The Aftermath

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War Crimes Trials
Restriction of Information

The Aftermath

The vicious opening of the war set the tone for much of what happened thereafter. The fanaticism of the Japanese was alien to Western norms, with neither side giving any quarter in the battles that followed. Many aspects of the Pacific War are the subject of continuing debate but separate from considerations of the treatment of Allied POWs.

With the Japanese surrender, investigations of Japanese brutality and judgment inevitably followed. Many anomalies exist with some of the worst atrocities against POWs not being prosecuted as the perpetrators took their military secrets to the Allies.

There has been continuing anger at Japan's refusal to formally apologise for its wartime actions and surprise at the efforts that dedicated groups of individuals have had to make to obtain compensation or obtain information on what happened to comrades and family members. The mass bombing of Japanese civilian targets culminating in the dropping of the atomic bombs leaves a residual resentment in Japan.