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 The following is a list of books which we found useful in preparing this website - it is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good start.

The Railway Man by Eric Lomax

Published by Jonathan Cape Ltd  1996   ISBN 0 09 958231 7 

For those who seek to understand the trauma of POWs maltreated by the Japanese written by one who was eventually reconciled with one of his torturers


Banzai you Bastards  by Jack Edwards

Published by Corporate Communications, 704 East Town Building, 41 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. ISBN 962-7290-03-3 

A moving account by the author of the Malaya Campaign from a soldier who fought in it, his capture at Singapore and subsequent shipment to Formosa (Taiwan) where he was forced to work in the infamous Kinkaseki mine for 3 years.


Behind Bamboo by Rohan D Rivett

Published by Angus & Robertson 1946


The Naked Island by Russell Braddon

Published by Penguin Books, 1993 ISBN 0-14-014975-9


Spice Island Slaves by Leslie J Audus

Published by Alma Publishers, Richmond Surrey, 1996 ISBN 0951 7497 2 2 

The extreme hardship of those who worked on the far flung islands under Japanese occupation suffering from, disease, malnutrition and brutality.


Nurses at War by Penny Starns

Published by Sutton Publishing Ltd. Stroud Gloucestershire 2000 Chapter 7   ISBN  0 7509 2387 3


The Fall of Singapore by Frank Owen

Published by Michael Joseph Ltd. Pan Books, 1960 

A detailed account of the Malaya Campaign and the Fall of Singapore


Eyewitnesses of War - Sixty Accounts of Dutch Victims subjected to Japanese terror 1942-1945                                                             Oggetuigen van Oorlog - Zestig Verhaalen van Nederlandse Slachtoffers over Japanse Terreur 1942-1945

Published by Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts (Stichting Japanse Ereschulden) Zoutmanstraat 23X, 2518GL, Den Haag,The Netherlands           e-mail stichtingjes@jesinfo.org

A wide ranging collection of reports describing how Dutch military and civilian personnel were treated by the Japanese


Als Krijsgevangene naar de Molukken en Flores, van JHW Veenstra et al

Published Martinus Nijhoff,  s Gravenhage 1982


Sandakan a Conspiracy of Silence by Lynette Ramsay Silver

Published by Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd., Burra Creek, NSW, Australia    ISBN 1 86351 223 3

A detailed analysis of the events leading to the death of 641 British and 1787 Australian servicemen at Sandakan Ranau in British North Borneo. Only six, all escapees, survived.


Surviving the Sword - Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-1945 by Brian MacArthur

Published by Random House, New York 2005, ISBN 1-4000-6413-9

A panoramic view of Japanese treatment of POWs - a must read


In the Line of Duty a soldier remembers by Lt Gen (retd) Harbaksh Singh

Published by Lancer Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 2000,     ISBN 81 7062 106 2  

Autobiography of a senior Indian Army officer. His captivity by the Japanese in Malaya as an officer is recorded in chapters 10-20.


Horror in the East by Laurence Rees

Published BBC Worldwide Ltd, London , 2001   ISBN 0 563 53426 5


My Life with the Samurai by Anthony Cowling

Published by Kangaroo Press    ISBN  0 86417 812 3


Unsung Heroes of the Royal Air Force by Les & Pam Stubbs

Published by Barny Books, Grantham 2002  ISBN 1 903172 21 7 

A painstaking collection of all RAF personnel taken by the Japanese as POWs, where they were taken, where they were used, and where they died.


Changi- The Lost Years           TPM Lewis


 Priest in Prison                         Canon John Hayter 


Prisoners of the Samurai Japanese Civilian Camps in China 1941-1945 by Norman Cliff

Published by Courtyard Publishers 1998   ISBN 0 9533295 0 X


 Yangchow Years by Grace Harvey

Published by Dreamstar Books 2003


History of the Second World War The War against Japan Vol. V by Maj Gen S Woodburn Kirby et al.

Published by HMSO 1969


 Prisoners of the Japanese by Gavan Daws

Published by Robson Books 1995   ISBN 0 86051 978 3

A detailed description of the POW experience, predominantly through US and Australian eyes, but Chapter IX Ever After is a must


When You Go Home by Alan Lane

Published by A Lane Publications  1993   ISBN 1 897666 00 4


To the Kwai - and Back  War Drawings 1939-1945 by Ronald Searle

Published by W Collins Sons & Co Ltd   1986   ISBN 0 00 217436 7


The Colonel of Tamarkan by Julie Summers

Published by Simon and Schuster  2005


A Guest of Nippon by Eddie Hunn

ISBN  1 897666 73 X 


The Churches of the Captivity in Malaya by Rev. J N Lewis Bryan MA

Published by The London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1946


and other books:

Scorpion on the Ceiling: A Scottish Colonial Family in South East Asia by Roddy Martine

Published by Librario Publishing Ltd    2005   ISBN 1 90444056 8