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Keith Martin, schoolboy, taken into Internment at Shanghai (dec. May 2009)

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At the outbreak of war 15 year old Keith and his 13 year old sister were in Shanghai staying with an aunt. Their mother was in Hong Kong.

The civil environment was unstable, and in December 1941, Japanese forces took over Shanghai Ω. Diplomats were exchanged in mid 1942. Their school lives were not much changed during 1942 Ω.   

However, prominent civilians began to be imprisoned and all foreign civilians interned by early 1943 Ω. They were transferred to the Yangchow Civil Assembly Centre where their education continued Ω. A summons to the camp commandant required an on the spot decision for his future Ω  

The Japanese guards were unobtrusive except at roll call Ω. Food and fuel, initially sufficient, became a problem as the war progressed Ω. There were few deaths in the camp Ω but even the young showed a comradeship that grew directly out of their situation Ω.  Although the children were kept busy, boredom was a problem for the adults despite having to work around the camp Ω. Religious practice was an important part of camp life Ω.     

At last news of “the big bomb” filtered through and supplies were parachuted in before they finally returned to Shanghai  Ω .  

…and his reflections on those experiences Ω        

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