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Marjorie, widow of Dvr. Ernest Parker, Royal Corps of Signals, who died at Heito Camp, Formosa on 26th September, 1944. (dec. April 2008)

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Marjorie met Ernest Parker in 1938 and they started going out together. At the outbreak of war in 1939, Ernest joined the local Territorial Army in Bakewell, Derbyshire, transferring in early 1940 to a Royal Signals unit at West Harnham, Salisbury. They married on 31st May 1941. Other than one week’s honeymoon, Ω they saw each other three times before he was posted. Ω It was not until Christmas 1944 that Marjorie received official notification of Ernest’s death and not until Ω March 2001 that she found out where he died.

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