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 Cpl Norman Wright, RAF

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Norman joined the RAF in 1938 and was posted in late 1941 to the Far East, where he eventually arrived in Java Ω.  After the capitulation of Dutch Forces, he was captured by the Japanese Ω and was engaged in airfield repair work Ω. Later he was one of a 500 strong contingent transferred to Singapore Ω.   There he joined the Dainichi Maru on the first stage of a terrible voyage to Japan Ω surviving a typhoon Ω  and appalling conditions on the journey Ω.

They arrived in Japan and were transferred to a prison camp in Innoshima Ω. They were sent to the shipyards where Norman became part of a railway gang Ω before being transferred to other work in the dockyard. The days were long Ω  and although the work was difficult, they took advantage of any opportunity to interfere with the war effort Ω.   Although the huts were acceptable and scrounging supplemented the diet Ω discipline could be harsh Ω. Although food initially was barely adequate, the Red Cross was unable to obtain a full appreciation of the situation Ω which deteriorated later in the war Ω.  The situation worsened as Allied bombing raids intensified Ω.  

The first indication of the end of the war came from reading stolen newspapers Ω and the replacement of camp staff with older men Ω  Initially little happened, food was parachuted in, and eventually they made their way to Tokyo Ω for transfer by British aircraft carrier to Australia Ω.

He got back to England in November 1945.

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