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Poetry in Captivity


Poetry in Captivity

Some quite remarkable poetry was written in captivity, as well as many other examples of great creativity. Whether light hearted or profound, all bear the signs of captivity and serve as a poignant reminder of that time.

This is not presented as a comprehensive collection, but to serve as examples of what was done.


Taken from a collection by the late Maurice Rooney, ex Royal Norfolk Regt.

    Singapore                                        Anon 1943
    Singapore                                        Anon February, 1942
    Verses from Changi POW Camp     Anon, 1942-1945
    Changi Stew                                   John Clement, 5th Field Regt. RA
    The Hill on Taiwan                           Trumpeter Arthur Smith, 1943
    Our Feathered Friend, the Sparrow Anon, 1943-1945
    Thoughts of England                       W Richardson, 1943
    Thoughts                                          Anon, 1942-1945
    Remembered                                  Anon
    Released                                         Anon, August 1945

with his singing of "Down the Mine" Ω  and "Laughing Boy" Ω written by Trumpeter Arthur Smith, reflecting life on Formosa.                                 Click Ω to listen to recording.

Provided by Jack Plant, ex RAF

    The Guns of Peace                         Sgt David Griffin, AIF



Of the large numbers produced, among the most remarkable are the Changi murals, by Bdr. Stanley Warren, about which more can be found at www.petrowilliamus.co.uk/murals/murals.htm

Sketches of camp life are typified in:

To the Kwai - and Back  War Drawings 1939-1945 by Ronald Searle Published by W Collins Sons & Co Ltd   1986   ISBN 0 00 217436 7

and those on this website that can be found in the section at the top of this page Pictorial record - Korea


Let us also remember the numerous places of worship that were built by the prisoners - for example

        St Georges, Changi
        St Georges, Kanburi
        Church, Chungkai
        Synagogue of Ohel Jacob, Changi
                                                                    and many others

















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