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Restriction of Information

War Crimes Trials Restriction of Information


Restriction of Information

Information relating to the actual events of POWs held by the Japanese has been restricted in the past. As one example:

In Australia, Mr Sinclair, Secretary for the Department of the Army, wrote in mid 1946, regarding the official report produced for the International War Crimes Commission

with regard to the request that Sir William Webb’s report…be made available, … it is considered both inadvisable and undesirable that any information contained in the report, other than that which has already appeared in the Press, should be released to the general public. This decision is prompted by a sympathetic consideration for the personal feelings of the next of kin of those unfortunate members of the Australian Military Forces who were subjects of such brutal and inhumane treatment at the hands of their captors.”

It seems probable that this was not the only instance where information was not fully disclosed.

Source: Behind Bamboo by Rohan D Rivett