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The Memorial Books

Not resting with the erection of a church, Fr. Cowin also began the monumental work of bringing together the names of those POWs from whatever country, who died there, into Memorial Books. He used every means available then to painstakingly collect over 25,000 names. Frank Hardy, a fellow FEPOW, handwrote, over a three year period, the names which were collected into three large volumes and enshrined within the church. These unique Books of Remembrance, written on cream goatskin parchment and bound in deep blue goatskin leather, lie in the Memorial Cabinet. Until 1995 the pages were turned every day, but in order to preserve them, they are now protected from light deterioration by an embroidered cover which complements the biblical texts of the triptych above it.

Over the years volunteers have used whatever sources have become available to gradually add other names. Since 2000, these have been recorded onto a computer database to allow easy updating and reprinting of recent entries. It also provides a valuable research tool. In October 2009, the count stood at 33,786, including 2,498 survivors who died after the end of the war. These figures do not include those killed in action, who for these purposes are not classified as FEPOWs.

Those who died...

British Army 13,847 Royal Air Force 2,119
Royal Navy 596 Royal Marines 72
Fleet Air Arm 12 Merchant Navy 5
Australian Forces 3,304 Aus. Army Nursing Service 35
Indian Forces 181 Canadian Forces 14
New Zealand Forces 12 South African Forces 1
Dutch & Indonesian  10,334 American Forces 10
Volunteer Forces 311 Civilians 435

Several nations are under-represented; please see POW Groups in the FEPOW Story for further information.

If you would like to make a donation towards the maintenance and updating of the books and church please send your cheque (UK Bank only please), made payable to The FEPOW Memorial Church, and address it to                                  

FEPOW Memorial Church
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